First Flythrough Trailer For Grand Ages: Medieval Revealed

Witness for yourself the unrivaled scale and majesty of Grand Ages: Medieval as Kalypso Media is excited to reveal its first ever Flythrough Trailer. The debut footage shows off the gigantic in-game environment where players can build, develop and conquer Europe as they see fit. From luscious green woodlands and the crags of mountainous peaks, to river-filled rolling hills, the entirety of Europe is available to explore and utilize. How you begin to develop an empire is completely up to you – whether it is the considered approach of diplomacy or the strength of military arms that forges your path to greatness.
Craft useful trade routes (watch out for plundering bandits), develop key relationships with surrounding settlements or intimidate the opposition with the might of your army.

Grand Ages: Medieval is scheduled for release in 2015 for PC. The Flythrough Trailer can be watched below.