Grand Ages: Medieval Confirmed for PlayStation 4

Kalypso Media is thrilled to announce that its upcoming grand strategy title, Grand Ages: Medieval, will make its console debut on PlayStation®4 on September 29, alongside the retail PC version. Set in the High Middle Ages, Grand Ages: Medieval is a real-time grand strategy game which immerses players in a truly massive game-world spanning over 20 million square kilometers all recreated in stunning 1080p high definition. As well as an epic single player campaign where players get to lead their people through decades of politics, trade, warfare and research, there will be an exciting 8-player multiplayer mode for rival rulers to fully embrace their empiric tendencies.

To give you an overview of the grand scale and strategic gameplay Grand Ages: Medieval aims to deliver, Kalypso Media has prepared an in-depth ‘How to Play’ video providing useful hints and tips and valuable information for aspiring empire builders ahead of the game’s launch. You can also read an introduction to Grand Ages: Medieval on the PlayStation Blog right here.